The Only Site Courier Drivers Need

Courier Exchange is a trade-only online freight exchange. We offer real-time updates to connect independent courier drivers and courier companies across the UK and the rest of Europe. We can help you:

  • Scope out the best carrier jobs
  • Track drivers’ statuses in real time
  • Register return trips
  • Locate vacant vehicles

Courier Exchange – What Makes Us the Best?

Courier Exchange has set the benchmark within the UK courier industry. Our website facilitates the exchange of information and jobs between freight forwarders, owner-drivers, courier companies and independent courier drivers. The platform enables parties to sub-contract work, locate empty vehicles and win courier jobs.

Always Here When You Need Us

For courier drivers, Courier Exchange offers a valuable service, helping you to find jobs in the most straightforward and effective way – leaving you more time to concentrate on your core courier work. You can rest assured all our operators are trustworthy and have been fully assessed. The easy-to navigate platform affords you the tools with which to grow your business and increase your bottom line.

Helping You Grow Your Business

At Courier Exchange we recognize that, more than in any other industry, time is money for busy courier drivers. We make it easy for you to make the very best use of both, with our huge network of freight forwarders at your fingertips. You can search for work from the more than 186,384 jobs registered with us every month.

Building Solid Networks and Contacts

Our trusted and thoroughly vetted companies and freight forwarders means you’ll be able to build a solid network of reliable and trusted contacts, leading to a higher profile, more jobs and increased profits.

The Benefits of Joining Courier Exchange

For courier drivers looking to expand and enhance their business, the Courier Exchange platform has a host of features that sets us head and shoulders above other courier and freight exchange services. It offers the ideal online space to find loads and sub contractors, among other valuable features.

  • Full accreditation checks
  • Feedback system
  • Instant messaging
  • More than 186,384 jobs posted monthly
  • Interactive maps
  • Comprehensive directory listings (including specialist service and vehicle listings)

An invaluable resource for courier drivers, Courier Exchange was established by the well-known Transport Exchange Group, in 1999, along with Haulage Exchange. The two platforms have now evolved into the UK’s most prolific and fastest growing independent freight exchanges.

The two online exchange platforms enable more than 5,986 active members to engage in a real time communication hub. Accounting for over 1.2 million+ movements nationwide, via around 45,572 vehicles, Transport Exchange Group has vast knowledge and experience in facing the well-documented challenges of the road transport industry.

In an easy-to-navigate online space, members can trade jobs and information, enabling many to offset the myriad challenges that face today’s courier drivers. These include issues of rising fuel prices, confusing and time-consuming legislation, driver shortages and empty return journeys.

Transport Exchange Group is far and away the most successful provider of managed Freight Exchange in the country and continues to set the benchmark for services within the competitive domestic road transport industry.