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Our real time freight exchange connects courier companies and drivers throughout the UK & Europe. Trade only.

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  • Register return trips
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Why Choose Courier Exchange?

Courier Exchange is the UK’s number one website for professionals in the courier industry. We assist courier firms, owner drivers and freight forwarders with finding courier loads, sub-contracting courier jobs and finding empty vehicles in the UK and across Europe.

Help When You Need It

With Courier Exchange, you can sub-contract courier loads with the minimum of effort if you have more work than you can handle. And there’s no need to worry – our trusted supply of operators have been fully vetted. In addition, our easy-to-use platform means that you can develop your business into a more profitable organisation.

Benefits for Your Business

With a great network of firms, freight forwarders and owner-drivers, you can rely on the fact that your time and money is well spent, especially with over 186,384 jobs and courier loads listed every month.

Building Long-term Relationships

At Courier Exchange we will connect you with courier firms, owner-drivers and freight forwarders, allowing you to make a dependable network of contacts and build up your courier loads.

Key Benefits

With additional courier loads that you can find on Courier Exchange and reliable sub-contractors, you can retain more customers and increase your business. We have many unique features that set us apart from other freight exchanges and courier exchange sites:

  • Over 186,384 jobs listed every month
  • Accreditation checks
  • Feedback system
  • Interactive maps
  • Enhanced directory listings (including vehicle and specialist service searches)
  • Instant messaging system