The UK’s Leading Courier Network

Our real time freight exchange connects courier companies and drivers throughout the UK & Europe. Trade only.

  • Scope out the best carrier jobs
  • Track drivers’ statuses in real time
  • Register return trips
  • Locate vacant vehicles

Courier Exchange is the UK’s premier platform for courier firms, owner drivers and freight forwarders. Our courier network allows you to take your business to next level and increase profits by connecting you with courier organisations across the UK and Europe.

Locate Work, Loads and Courier Firms

Our courier network ensures that members of Courier Exchange can find work and exchange jobs with no hassle. Find extra loads or sub-contract work which you can’t handle and never let a customer down again.

Locate Work, Loads and Courier Firms

To guarantee a top-quality service, every member at Courier Exchange is completely vetted.

Our ever-expanding courier network allows you to build connections with courier firms and discover new business prospects: our members will have a higher chance of work opportunities available.

Why Courier Exchange?

Our courier network hosts a variety of unique services:

  • We post 186,384 jobs per month, including freight forwarding and empty vehicles
  • We provide a fast system which includes instant messaging to help you connect with other Courier Exchange members
  • We include a feedback system to further qualify our listings
  • We do accreditation checks
  • Our service features interactive maps
  • Our listings directory is newly enhanced, offering an invaluable ‘specialist search’ option