Now you don’t have to look for the loads, the loads find you.

For Owner Drivers and small businesses, the Mobile App that delivers jobs straight to your smartphone.

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Less paperwork, more loads and improved profitability – the Courier Exchange Mobile App offers owner drivers and courier businesses hugely increased opportunities for taking on more loads and bookings. The diagram above shows how each load generates a ‘geo-fence’ around the pick-up location – if you’re vehicle is inside the zone and matches the other criteria, you’ll get the notification – it’s as simple as that!

The App is available to all subscribed Exchange members and will, literally, put you on the map. Members can view your real-time location and see where you are headed. Privacy controls can be managed, including restricted map zoom levels and the ability to ‘stop tracking’ if you prefer.

With the App on your smartphone, you’re able to advertise your real-time location and availability status – new load notifications will then be sent directly to your mobile for jobs within an easy-to-reach radius of your current location. Our ‘one-click’ journey registration process is also easier than ever.

Communication has never been better with easy support for despatch groups built in and one click status updates. This will allow you to cut down answering unnecessary ‘check calls’ and so spend more time making money.

The courier App can quickly log your journeys, which will then match relevant loads along the route.  This means more work and less dead mileage – saving you time and boosting your profits.

The latest version of the Mobile App is now available on the Apple and Android app stores.

It’s quick and easy to get started

If your current location is within the radius specified by the company who posts a new load, you’ll receive an automatic notification.

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