Exchange Service for Self-Employed Courier Driver Jobs

Our real time freight exchange connects courier companies and drivers throughout the UK & Europe. Trade only.

  • Scope out the best carrier jobs
  • Track drivers’ statuses in real time
  • Register return trips
  • Locate vacant vehicles

If you are looking for self employed courier driver jobs then you have come to the perfect place. Courier Exchange is the UK’s leading exchange provider for courier industry professionals. Our unique platform helps you make the most of your business and allows you to build revenues by connecting with courier organisations across the UK and mainland Europe.

Locate and trade self-employed courier driver jobs

Members of Courier Exchange are provided with the opportunity to find and exchange courier work, such as freight forwarding and self-employed courier driver jobs. So join Courier Exchange today and discover extra loads and sub-contracting opportunities which will allow you to let your business grow.

Network with hundreds of trusted courier firms

To ensure we provide the best service possible, every member at Courier Exchange is thoroughly vetted to make sure they meet industry standards.

Our network of industry professionals is growing every day, so a membership with Courier Exchange is ideal if you want to network with other courier firms and uncover new and exciting business opportunities.

Why Courier Exchange?

Here are just a few reasons why Courier Exchange is a market leader when it comes to courier exchange platforms.

  • We list roughly 186,384 jobs per month, including freight forwarding and self-employed courier driver jobs.
  • We provide a painless system which includes features like instant messaging to help you connect with other Courier Exchange members.
  • We provide a feedback system to further qualify our listings.
  • We hold frequent accreditation checks.
  • Our service includes a range of interactive maps.
  • Our directory of listings is newly enhanced, offering an invaluable ‘specialist search’ option.