Courier News

Transport Exchange Group launches new booking chain solution

Transport Exchange Group has upgraded the booking chain solution for its leading freight exchanges – Haulage Exchange and Courier Exchange – to provide member businesses with an improved means of managing and updating the status of loads when they carry out work on each other’s behalf. As a result, hauliers, couriers and logistics operators using […]

Forget multiple logins with the new Depotlink feature

Companies who operate multiple depots will welcome our new Depotlink feature. This new feature has been designed to allow fast and simple management overview for head offices that would like to monitor their depots’ trading activity, vehicle positioning without wasting time on constantly logging in and out of different accounts. Depotlink will significantly reduce the […]

Transport Exchange Group and Navman Wireless collaboration boosts fleet performance

The Exchange, with it’s over 4,500 users in the UK’s road transport sector, is integrated with Navman Wireless’ telematics solutions to help optimise members’ fleet performance and boost profitability. This joint effort allows hauliers, freight forwarders and couriers to eliminate empty running and wasted capacity through their vehicle tracking system. Transport operators, who join the […]

New Exchange 2.0 goes live

8th July 2013: The new Exchange 2.0 platform has been rolled out to all 5,000 users across both Courier and Haulage Exchanges. This new platform is the result of two and a half years work, designed to support the requirements of our members going forwards and the fast growth of activity on the Exchange. Amongst […]