The UK’s Leading Freight Exchange for Courier Jobs

Courier Exchange is the leading trade-only freight exchange for courier jobs, connecting drivers and courier companies to work in real time all over the UK and Europe.

  • Find self employed courier jobs
  • Register return journeys
  • Locate empty vehicles
  • View real time driver status

We are the UK’s premier freight exchange platform for courier jobs, servicing the needs of professional drivers and freight forwarders. Join Courier Exchange network and engage with a vibrant community hub of transport industry professionals to watch your profits grow.

Find the Best Courier Jobs in Real Time

When you join the vast Courier Exchange network you’ll have real time access to a vast range of self employed courier jobs. Your membership will allow you to search for jobs, identify back loads, find sub-contractors and interact with the online community on matters of importance, including legislative issues and your professional business goals.

Work With a Network of Approved Members

All the members of our extensive platform are checked and approved, allowing you to not only search and secure high quality courier jobs, but also enabling you to grow your own network of trusted professionals and contacts within the industry.

Why Choose the Courier Exchange Network?

There are many reasons why Courier Exchange has evolved into the UK and Europe’s leading freight exchange network for the courier industry. We provide the link between freight forwarders and professional drivers looking for self employed courier jobs. We’re head and shoulders above our competitors and the proof is in the pudding.

  • Simple, easy to navigate online system
  • Over 70,000 real time courier jobs listed every month
  • Large range of interactive online maps
  • Stringent accreditation checks in place
  • Instant messaging to other members
  • Extensive directory of listings with focused search options
  • Feedback system in place

Transport Exchange Group (TEG) set up Courier Exchange and Haulage Exchange platforms, in 1999, to service the growing needs of the UK domestic road transport industry. Today, these two online platforms are the leading independent services of their kind in the country, with a proven track record of success for both freight forwarders and drivers searching for courier jobs.

As market leaders in an increasingly challenging industry, we understand the need to provide our vast network of over 3,500 members with the ability to facilitate easy, real time communication between freight forwarders and professional drivers searching for self employed courier jobs.

With membership accounting for 700,000 movements via around 30,000 vehicles on the road, TEG is by far the most successful UK provider of managed freight exchange. The easy to navigate Courier Exchange and Haulage Exchange platforms allow users to not only match loads and courier jobs, but also build their own strong network of industry professionals.

By creating valuable contacts within the industry, members are able to extend their reach and communication on many of the challenges faced by the road transport industry, including such issues as the cost of fuel, shortage of professional drivers, legislative changes and concerns, and the onerous problem of empty return journeys on courier jobs.