How Courier Exchange Can Help You Find More Jobs Nationwide

Do you want to find more courier jobs around the country and extend the reach of your business? Courier Exchange helps you expand your routes by connecting you with trusted partners nationwide. Get going and get growing!


As the country’s biggest online freight exchange network, we give members access to connections throughout the UK, opening up opportunities to expand into new routes and increase capacity.

Joining our trade only platform puts you in control of growing your business by connecting you with a community of trusted partners all over the country. Members have access to real-time load matching, vehicle visibility and capacity, affording the ability to eliminate dead mileage and forge new professional networks no matter where they’re based.

Key Benefits

  • Take on or sub-contract courier jobs anywhere in the UK
  • Eliminate dead mileage by posting capacity for return loads
  • Forge partnerships with in excess of 5,600 trusted members

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How Can I Find Courier Jobs Nationwide?

  • Post live notifications of availability, location and capacity
  • Get matched with real-time available loads and be advised by email or SMS
  • Receive notifications of potential jobs throughout the UK straight to your Smartphone
  • Post return journeys (unused capacity) with one click to reduce/eliminate dead mileage

Do You Want More Courier Jobs Across the UK?

Become a member so you can take on more work and expand your trading partners throughout the UK.

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Expanding Your Reach

Having access to our nationwide network of trusted professionals puts members in the driver’s seat. By providing the platform to connect with potential trading partners beyond their local area, owner drivers and fleet managers can expand their reach and take on delivery work in new and different markets to grow their business and drive profits higher.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, membership means you can take on as much work as you can handle and even sub-contract out jobs when you don’t have capacity. By expanding your reach to work with partners in other regions around the country, through the real-time capabilities of the platform you can also reduce dead mileage by posting capacity for return journeys.

We take the risk out of dealing with new trading partners because every member of the Exchange is thoroughly vetted before accreditation. Our member-rates-member system adds another level of security. You can rest easy knowing that wherever and with whomever you choose to do business, you’re forging relationships with trusted professionals.

More Unique Features

As well as giving you the opportunity to increase productivity by building on your partnerships across the country, we also help you improve operational efficiencies. With our innovative mobile app, connecting and communicating with multiple trading partners and sub-contractors is easy, no matter where they’re based, and our 2-way diary and accounting module simplifies invoicing and reporting.

Our unique mobile app is also packed with other features to help you stay connected and do business on the move, with ease. You can edit your availability status with the touch of a button, collect and send Proof of Delivery and make use of state-of-the-art image capture functionality.

You get all this and more, no matter where you are.

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Case Studies

All our members benefit from being part of a community of industry professionals and they’re happy to tell us about it. See how Avantee Logistics and Guvs 24/7 have been able to take on work around the UK and watch their profits soar.