How we do it

Our advanced online platform is easy to use, reliable, secure and packed with unique features that put you firmly in control of your business.

Return Journeys

Increase profits by eliminating ‘Dead’ mileage – by using the tools on Courier Exchange you can increase your vehicle utilisation and in turn Increase your Profitability

Key Features

  • Dispatch Managers can post unused capacity (dead mileage) on the Exchange
  • Drivers can post journeys (dead mileage) with ‘One Click’ on our mobile application
  • Dispatch Managers can quickly search for available vehicles
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Load Matching

Courier Exchange enables real-time load matching between members creating a huge network of vehicles and experienced professionals. Find and cover jobs, build relationships with members and grow your business without risk.

Key Features

Loads april
  • 1.2m+ movements transacted annually
  • Pro-actively managed service
  • 5,984+ professional members
  • 46,572+ vehicles available at any time

Load Notifications

Drivers and Companies receive job notifications instantly by email, via their mobile phone or desktop.

Key Features

  • Communicate with drivers on the move
  • Save a selection of pre-defined messages
  • Keep a record of all communications
  • Create custom contact lists
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Mobile App

Our unique smartphone application offers the ability to stay connected to the exchange on the move. Register your real-time availability status and ‘return journeys’ whilst on the move. Receive notifications direct to your mobile about potential jobs wherever you are in UK and Europe

Key Features

  • Add / edit your availability status and destination
  • Collect and send Proof of Delivery (PODs)
  • Receive real-time job notifications on the move for new loads in your current location
  • Use the latest signature and image capture functionality

2-Way Diary And Accounting Module

The 2-Way diary simplifies the administration involved when dealing with multiple sub-contractors and partner companies. It gives smaller companies accurate reporting on their order book and outstanding balances. Invoices can be raised quickly for both Exchange and non-Exchange customers.

Key Features

  • Complete and instantly view or send PODs
  • Create and send advice notes and VAT invoices.
  • Create pay and invoice statements
  • Generate detailed reports
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Accreditation And Ratings

We strive to maintain a high standard of professionalism amongst our members, setting a benchmark for the industry. Our accreditation scheme ensures that members know who they are dealing with and offers the opportunity to provide feedback for each completed job.

Key Features

Feedback april
  • All exchange members accredited
  • View and post feedback about members