How CX Can Increase Job Security for Freelancers

Do you love being your own boss, but wish there was more certainty to being self-employed? Courier jobs can often be few and far between when you’re a freelancer – luckily, CX is here to help you increase your work load.


Whoever coined the phrase ‘With great freedom comes great responsibility’ was likely self-employed. You don’t have to answer to anyone, you can pick your own hours and you know you like your boss. However, you also have to drum up your own work – and that can be notoriously unreliable.

When you become a member of Courier Exchange, you’ll have a chance to network with likeminded professionals in the logistics industry and see available jobs in real-time. Join forces with CX – you’ve got the business smarts, we’ve got the connections.

Key Benefits

  • The death of dead mileage. Make every journey worth it by utilising return load jobs no matter where you’re going.
  • Access to the UK’s biggest network of couriers – that means more connections and more work!
  • Control of how much money you make from the jobs you take on with the help of our accounting software and diary.

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How Can I Find Self-Employed Courier Jobs?

  • We offer an easily navigable online system where you can enter your location, availability and the size of your vehicle.
  • You’ll be matched automatically with companies that are looking for freelancers, and notified instantly by email or text.
  • By using our Accounting and 2-Way Diary modules, you’ll be able to negotiate details and pricing with other members directly. After all, you’re self-employed – courier jobs you decide to undertake should be exactly what you want!

Are You a Freelancer Looking for Increased Work Certainty?

When you’re self-employed, courier jobs can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look. Get rid of the guesswork, fish in our pool of available loads and increase your number of jobs. Join CX today!

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A Source of More Reliable Work Without Losing Your Independence

If you’re self-employed, courier job security is probably something you have had to give up. When you join the CX platform, you’re less likely to be unoccupied. You’ll be able to cut out the hours and hours of research on all the various whos, whys, whats and wheres and get down to networking – and working working. Our members can connect to available trustworthy professionals with just one touch of a button.

There are more than 186,000 jobs posted each month, which means there are more than 186,000 opportunities for you to make money and form lasting business relationships with professionals you may never have encountered otherwise.

All of our members are carefully screened and must pass advanced accreditation checks to ensure they meet the membership criteria, which weeds out the unreliable and the flakey. As a final precaution, we also offer a member-to-member feedback system – so you’ll be able to see what real people think about working with those who you are considering partnering with.

And the best part? It’s all on your own terms – if you don’t like the look of someone or don’t want to accept a certain job offer, you don’t have to. You’ve got all the independence of freelancing without all the stress.

Features and Functions to Help Your Functionality

When you become a member of Courier Exchange, a whole new world opens up to you and your business. You’ll have access to a diary that assists with accounts and reporting, enhanced directory listings and interactive maps. You can send invoices instantaneously, read reviews about other members before you decide whether or not you want to accept a job and post your own feedback once you’ve worked with them.

Our app is easy to use, so you spend less time faffing about and more time making money. Our features and functions will allow you to fulfil your contracts efficiently and effectively, while staying connected to Courier Exchange 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That means you’ll miss out on all that dead mileage while never missing a job.

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We know that when you’re self-employed, courier jobs aren’t always guaranteed. Are you ready to reduce the stress of uncertainty, take your courier business to the next level and gain some much-needed security and peace of mind while you’re at it? Get in touch with our dedicated team and see how Courier Exchange can help you meet and exceed your personal goals.

Case Studies

The Courier Exchange platform is a fantastic way for freelancers to increase their job security. But don’t just take our word for it – see what Mark Carr and Red Rocket Couriers, two of our self-employed members, have to say about us.